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Sunday 10:30am, 8.20.23

I am hangin in for the ride. Holding on tight counting the days, minutes and seconds until I can start to be normal again.

A man never knows what he has or is able to do until it is taken away. I have realized so many things during this dark time. All you can do is think, think, think. TV and music is no interest. All I can do is lay in bed and wish I could be at Uno's eating a thick veggie pizza! 😁

I do not recognize my body now. Chemo port, feeding tube dangling and 20 pounds lost. I've went from 188 to 168, which is the lowest I have been in 40 years! It's like I'm someone else now. It makes me sad, but after a minute I become happy, because I have a solid chance of living some more. I can eat more later and gain back the weight, I can run again, I can travel again and most of all I can see each of you in person one day soon and hug you and thank you for everything you have done for this strange guy. I will never ever forget it. 🙏🙏

5 out of 7 chemos done

22 out of 35 radiations done

Sept 7th is slowly approaching. 🙏

Quality Irrigation, my 35 year old business, is doing good without me. Wendy and Carl are pulling the weight of it all while I'm in this fight. I once thought of all my 275 clients as simply customers. I was wrong. I realized that I have 275 special friends that I never thought I had. I am overwhelmed at their generosity and patience in these troubled times. I can honestly tell you that I will go twice as hard as making sure their yards stay beautiful green as soon as I'm able. I am the luckiest business owner in all the land....and every ounce of my being is grateful for it. I love my friends that need irrigation. 🙏🙏🙏

I am thankful that I get the weekends off from treatments, as both chemo and radiation do pound the body. Saturday and Sunday give you just enough time to catch a small breath before it's time to get beat up again.

Thanks everyone for everything. I will individually respond to every text, message and email when I can.

I love you all! 🙏🙏❤️❤️

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