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Update: Friday, 11:00am, 8.4.23

Just finished radiation #12 out of 35

(Have done 3 out of 7 chemos)

I have received results of my last test, an ultrasound of my thyroid area. The result comes back clean. I have a .6cm node that should be checked every year. The doc says no worries. Nothing needs done here. Thank goodness! 🙏🙏

I have had a PET Scan, several CT scans, a full MRI and multiple UltraSounds. Right now no more tests are scheduled. All Docs think I have no other areas that are under attack.

My future looks better every day! I can finally now breath a big sigh of relief that my body is so far clean of this evil except for the two places I am already being treated for. Thank God, I caught it early enough to have a good shot at being around and pestering you people a few more years! 😁

My throat is raw now, no taste and my stomach is queasy most of the time. My energy level is low, I get little sleep and my numbers on my Garmin Fenix are all showing strains and signs of a Battle going on within. My blood work shows normal issues because of the chemo, but is holding pretty good through the 3 chemos. The raw throat is starting to make it hard to swallow and I am sure I will need to start using the feeding tube soon. Uuugh.🥴

I am at day 305 of consecutive running at least one mile per day. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep that streak alive......but I'm going to give it all I can! Don't count me out just yet. 😊

August the 14th is the halfway point for all the treatments. I am counting down the days......but they are moving ever so slowly.

I cannot offer enough gratitude to the three most special people in my life that are keeping my upright and fighting through all this.

SuperNurse Susie is a one of most caring people this world could know. She is always there with a smile to help keep me fed and loved through out this storm. She drives from Tampa to look after me and that is a large task indeed. I could not make it through without her and am one lucky dude indeed. I cannot wait to be camping on a mountain top in Utah or Montana cooking S'mores with this beautiful woman! Those days cannot come fast enough. ❤️🙏

My 21 year business partner and best friend Wendy has been the one to handle all the insurance, setting up meetings and appointments, keeping my business running smoothly while I can't participate.....and so much more. The is a one of a kind friend that I am so lucky to have on my side of this battle and as a business partner. I could not make it without her and hope I never have to find out. 🙏

Carl is my only full time employee and is handling all the workload like the Man he is. He always does what needs to be done and never backs away from a challenge. Even though he is one man, he does the work of three. If I ever lose Carl.... I'm closing my doors. I am the luckiest company ever for having him on my Team. He is helping me tremendously get through this. He will get a nice vacation after I'm back on my feet, at a nice beach somewhere on me!🙏

My sweet beautiful Sister Lois and my loving Brother Mark have been in constant contact through out this nightmare. They are always offering hope, prayers and good advice. As soon as I'm able, we are going to spend some time in the mountains relaxing and enjoying life. I am blessed to have these two special people as siblings. 🙏❤️

I cannot express enough thanks to all those that have offered support in helping me get through this. Every single one of you holds a place in my heart. You guys mean the world to me and I will never forget it. All of your prayers have been working. God, I think, has decided I need to stay a little longer because I still have an unfinished task I need to complete. I'm sure he will keep talking to me and steering me in the right direction. He always has. My Faith has never waivered and it never will. The devil will never win this soul in any shape or way. God Rules! 🙏

In summary, I am holding strong and still fighting with a lot of hope. I will win, but I still have not gotten to the darkest days of this. I know it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Knowing now how big the devil's army is inside me, allows me to focus each and every arrow shot that I release to find a demon! I'm firing arrows all day.... dipped in the Faith of our Creator........

.......and that will beat the devil every time!

God Bless Us All! 🙏🙏🙏❤️😊

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