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Update: Sunday 10:15am, 8.13.23

Whew, that was a tough couple of days!  Stomach is miserable....but the heart is exploding with the love that all of you have shown.❤️❤️❤️

I needed help and you beautiful people gave it. I will never be able to repay what all of you have done and shown to me. Words cannot express my gratitude.  My heart, soul, body and mind have been changed by your kindness.  When I am well, I will help others as much as I possibly can.  You have removed the gigantic stress of paying all the medical bills and deductibles that are constantly incoming.  

This allows me to focus on the fight......and let me tell you I am ready to fight like I'm that third monkey on the ramp to The Ark, and it's starting to rain.😊.  The power you good people have given to me has scared the devil and pleased our Creator. I think I actually heard the devil say something like "oh #@$*, I'm in big trouble now".

You have fed my power to fight even harder, to swing at the devil with full force, never faulter or run out of strength.  God I feel so lucky and strong right now, even though I can't hardly sleep, rest or eat.  There is something so powerful about the love for a fellow man. I am blessed 20 times over right now! 🙏🙏

The love never seems to stop.  All three winners of the giveaways have declined to accept them. They contacted me and said to either keep them to ride again when I'm well or sell them to help with bills.  I am shedding a tear as I'm writing this.  God is speaking to me right now with the loudest bullhorn ever. He is smiling ear to ear on what his little human creations are feeling in their hearts.  I honestly believe God is right here, right beside me, watching and listening.  I believe that Miracle I felt was coming to me.....has already was you people, my friends, coming to bail me out.  I know it.

God has helped me fight. God is here. God is everywhere.  God is actually Love. ❤️🙏😊

I have been in bed almost completely since my last update.  I know things will continue to get worse for my body as I go forward.  I'm prepared more than ever now.  The throat cannot be used almost at all now.  My weight has dropped more.  The nausea never ends. I'm not gonna lie, my body is miserable.....but my mind, soul and heart are gonna win this fight and take this beat up body across the finish line!!

I have one more giveaway to do as promised. My sweet Vintage 1984 Kawasaki 750 Turbo. A legend of a bike.  I will announce it sometime later today.  Tuned up and ready for Bike Nights. A real head turner indeed.

I am gonna rest some now.  Thank you to everyone. Your prayers and donations have humbled me.  I love every one of you! excuse me while I go back to beating on the devil and making him wish he never put his hands on this guy......and with a Army like all of you as my backup.....he doesn't stand a chance! 🙏🙏🙏

A forever grateful man,

Jonny Simpkins

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