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Update: Thursday, Sept 14, 11:30am

I came home from the hospital last night. I was in there since last Thursday night. I'm not really much better it seems. I'm on meds for stomach pains, which seems to help there, but my fear is I'm losing too much weight because I can't eat much.

I had to have chemo port removed, as it had got infected. I was done with it as well. I am also on antibiotics for that too.

My current weight is 156 down from 188. I've lost 32 pounds and I don't now how much more I can afford to lose. My white cells are up, but my red cells and hemoglobin was still not good when leaving hospital. I'm just confused to these low cell counts (among others) were still down when they told me it's time to leave, especially not eating enough to offset the weight loss. I'm very concerned.

Unless I start eating, I think I'm going to lose more weight and have to go back to the hospital, which I do not want to do.

Attached is latest blood readings. Anyone having any medical knowledge, please tell me what you think about these numbers. Are they good enough to be released from hospital? Keep in mind, I do not think they took or monitored my weight at any time while I was there, and I lost 10 pounds while in the hospital. 

Right now I am resting at home and going to try and eat as much as I can. I really feel I am starving myself to death.

Please pray for my fighting strength, as all energies are low and I need to be pulled closer to the finish line. Currently I am showing fear, which I have fought off pretty good until now. Yes, I am worried, but in no way am I giving up.

Please Dear Jesus, give me the strength to continue fighting all the way through the finish line. I believe in you and know you can give what I need to do it. I will never lose Faith in you! Amen.

I love you all. 🙏🙏

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