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Update: Tuesday, 2:30pm, 8.15.23

Updated: Aug 20

Oh my, I am not as tough and strong as I thought I was. I'm getting dragged through the swamp now. Only getting nourishment through the feeding tube. Filling a syringe with liquid and watching it slowly drip into your stomach is simply not a pleasant thing to do. I cannot eat by mouth at all now. Not much sleep or rest. I'm sure it will be this way all the way until the finish line. I'm not complaining here, because I do have a clear chance to live again! ❤️

I am 19 radiation treatments done and 16 more to go. 4 out of 7 chemos are done. Every day seems like a long week now. Time is passing so very slowly. Oh how it will feel to sleep again.

I long for the day to sink my teeth into a big fat veggie pizza from Uno's! I yearn for a piece of chocolate double layered cake.......give me the big steak with mashed garlic potatoes and green beans! Oh how I will eat like never before, when I can taste and swallow again.

I have become ever so focused now on what matters now in life. Never take one second of your life for granted. Hug your children, be kind to all people and animals, eat what you love and enjoy it, taste different things, climb the mountain, give a few bucks to a homeless man, work hard but play even harder, stop smoking, limit drinking, limit using profanities, call or go see your parents, leave people or jobs that are taking away from your happiness or keeping you from becoming you, exercise so you can eat what you want, surprise a kid, spend less time staring into virtual world and more time getting a little dirty or sweaty, count your blessings, be still and listen to God who is right beside you every day, reject anger and revenge, be an example to the young, teach them, hold the door open for others, quit putting money and things ahead of trust and love, always have integrity and try to never insult another person's integrity because sometimes it may be all they have.........and live every second of your time here being a good person..... because then..... you have become the richest person alive! 🙏🙏

My running streak (310 days) came to an end two days ago. I could not hang on for the ride. I thought I could, but this evil has taken all of my energy. I will beat this funk and then go back to enjoying running when I'm well again. I must conserve every ounce of energy now to finish off this fight. I'm not through the darkest times yet, but with the Grace of God Almighty, I will have the strength to become victorious!

I cannot say enough to all those that donated to me for this fight. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your kindness has allowed me to focus on this tough and difficult fight, and for that, I sincerely thank every single one of you. I am humbled by what you have done. 🙏

It is becoming a little difficult to answer emails and texts. I will as I get the energy and time. Please look here at for the latest updates.

As always, I love you all for being my friend! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

Jonny Simpkins

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