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Update: Wednesday, 9:30am, 9.6.23

The demons of the devil have landed a massive punch that has knocked me out, 500 yards from the finish line.

I have had to cancel all of my remaining 3 treatments for this week and move them to next week. I could no longer take the stacking of pain. It had became too much. My throat is like someone used a blowtorch in it. My stomach pains are still here, though I did get some new meds that slow it down for only three hours at a time. I'm dry heaving almost hourly. Not much sleep, though I can't hardly leave the bed. Just when I thought it could not get any worse, it got worse. I am so weary, tired and exhausted. Please pray for me to find the strength to make it this last 500 yards. I need them now more than ever.

As I eyed the finish, seeing and hearing all of you on the sidelines and seeing the warm light of God with the most beautiful medal at the finish line, with his arms reaching out for me............the devil got very very angry. The demons came out of nowhere punching and kicking me trying to get me to throw the white flag, to break my Faith, to surrender. I said no way, but I could not fight back.....I had nothing for them. All I could do was curl up on the ground and try to protect my head.

I did the only thing I could do, called the Dr and put the finish off until next week. By then hopefully by the Grace of God Almighty, I will find the energy to make it that last 500 yards and get fully into recovery. With one more round of prayers from all of you, I will be receiving that beautiful medal, hand delivered by The Man himself. Oh what a sweet victory that will be. 🙏🙏

All communications now are very limited still. I feel ok a few minutes for this update, and that is all I got.

I am almost there and I love every single one of you for all the strength, support and prayers! ❤️🙏

May God Bless us all.

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Sep 06, 2023

Hi Jon, I agree with Nadine....taking a week off may be the best thing for this week. Now that chemo is done, you will slowly get over those nasty side effects and start to feel better. Are they suggesting anything to help with the radiation burns? I know it probably seems like they will never get better, but this too shall pass after a few weeks. i cannot wait to see you up and running and whole again! Love you and your fighting spirit!!! Lorris


Sep 06, 2023

You got this Jonny! Sending rays of white light- filled with love, and healing energy. Its OK to say NO to the treatments for now- be kind to yourself- You have been through a lot. In fact if you think that this is enough- then listen to your higher self and tell them its enough! Sounds to me like you reached your max- and your body is telling you to stop- for now! Love and healing energy coming to you! ⚡️

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