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Wednesday 12:15pm, 8.9.23

Updated: Aug 20

Well, here I am getting my 4th (out of 7) chemo treatments. It has been a tougher road than I was ready for, but I'm gonna keep swinging with everything I have.

I officially now weigh the least I have in 20 years or so. I just hit 174.5 lbs. I am sure I'm gonna lose a few more before this fight is over. I can always eat more ice cream to gain it back...right? ๐Ÿ˜Š

My throat has completely stopped me from eating everything but oatmeal. I am expected to be using feeding tube 100% by Monday evening. I was against it when I started this,....but now, I fully welcome it. I am also having a problem not getting enough fluids, so this tube should help out there too. Whatever it takes to keep kidneys flushed so no damage occurs.

The tongue is very raw. Physical strength is a level so low it scares me. The sun hits me for one minute and I almost keel over.

Life is cruel sometimes. We cannot understand why bad things happen to us or to someone we love. My belief is that God does not "let" these bad things happen to us. He actually sheds a tear for us as we fight the pain. The devil is the one responsible for this and all other bad and horrible things. The devil does these things to break the Faith in the believers. After that Faith is removed, he can then take over a person's soul. My Faith is so big, that the devil can only gain souls from those around me that lose Faith. Please hold strong in all the battles you may be fighting, as God is always watching us and the types of decisions we make each day.

Always stand up to evil. Denounce it! Do not give any evil any oxygen. Give all your blessings to God and know he is close. I do. We talk often and it is very comforting.

Today is day 310 of my consecutive days of running at least one full mile. I have not ran yet today........but I'm assuming I can still do it late this evening. I hope I'm right. We shall see.

I have created a GoFundMe account to try and help. If you can help with a dollar or two, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This is chemo #4 of 7

Today is radiation #15 of 35

Weight 174.5 lbs

This coming Monday is exactly the halfway point of all treatments. Thank God I have been given the ability to fight and hopefully win this battle!

Please keep the support, the prayers coming my way. It does help me keep fighting.

I love you all!

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